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Stained-glass windows MP-40

Face-wall series MP-40 is designed for manufacturing of vertical and inclined, warm and cold transparent structures with mounting into the opening and hinge for building facade glazing. This is a product based on standard solutions with the minimum required characteristics in the field of typical building and structure glazing at the lowest price for social and industrial construction.
Categories of typical buildings that use transparent structures:
— multi-apartment buildings (secondary and social housing; standard housing projects for largest construction companies in RF);
— public buildings and constructions (reconstruction, low-rise public buildings, warehouses);
— industrial buildings (reconstruction).
Key features of MP-40 series:
• Reduced heat transfer resistance is not more than 0.82 m²°C/W;
• Maximum height between fixing points of the structure is not more than 6 m;
• Maximum installation height of the structure is not more than 75 m;
• Maximum filling thickness is 44 mm;
• Maximum weight of a double-glass pane is no more than 250 kg incl.

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