About Company

Mission: to be a model of successful business

  • We create products with high knowledge-based quality.
  • TATPROF architectural system is a leader of the Russian market both in terms of sales and consumer acceptance.
  • Advanced European technologies in production and business process management help us to control the profile quality from the pressing stage to packaging one.
  • Continuous unique expanding of manufacturing capacities. As a result, the company is the industrial leader in terms of production volume.
  • Continuous improvement of economical indicators and leadership achievement in the industry in terms of expenses.
  • We are opened and always ready to tell about implemented and planned initiatives.
  • Industrial Safety Policy.

We cooperate with large construction companies, manufacturers, architects and private individuals.

We are the major suppliers for Kazan Universiade facilities in 2013,
Sochi Olympic Games in 2014,
FIFA Confederations Cup in 2018.



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  • Mr. Sergey Rachkov together with like-minded people earn their first whole lot of money, take a loan of 1 million rubles and invest it into the construction of production site. What exactly will be produced, no one knows for sure - there are too many ideas. Meanwhile, three buildings had been already constructed: one for 1800 square meters and two smaller ones.

  • Mr. Rachkov meets a specialist experienced in metal treatment under pressure, a well-known inventor Mr. Boris Berlin. He tells that aluminum profiles will be highly demanded soon. Moreover, it turns out that a laboratory press unit has been idling at KAMAZ plant. Mr. Rachkov and Mr. Fayruzov buy and readjust this press unit at their own risk, purchase additional equipment and already in May receive the first products - an aluminum I-beam section profile for suspended ceilings.

  • The company begins to develop and manufacture building enclosure structures that are adequately compete with Western counterparts according to the consumer properties. Additional tooling for pressworking is designed and developed.

  • Production volume increases up to 1500 tons per year with the launch of a new press complex PB-8841. The company management believes that this is not enough and adopts a vertical integration strategy. It is based on the coverage of the entire production chain - from pillar casting, production of profiles and their treatment (painting, anodizing) to the own products manufacturing from them. The first basic enclosure (architectural) system elements TATPROF are being developed.

  • A full range of elements for aluminum enclosure structure system TATPROF is under development. The system is included into the "Top-100 goods of Russia”. A polymeric powder coating line is launched for aluminum profiles for the first time in Russia. The sales system is also arranged.

  • Demand for products is growing. The company receives a first-class diploma for the best construction company in the All-Russian competition, and its products take stable high places at the regional and national sites.

  • Production areas are significantly growing, production itself is expanding and sales volumes are increasing. Rapid development of business relations with CIS countries.

  • A new press complex P-0890 with a capacity of 5,000 tons per year is launched. The General Director of TATPROF receives the award “Manager of the Year” of the first republican competition in the nomination “The Best Business Manager of the Construction Materials Industry”.

  • Five company’s representative offices are opened in Russia that will become soon the independent dealers. In order to enter the international market, an export department has been established. As well as a separate business unit is created for development and production of profiles for the specific customer needs. The company receives a certificate of conformity of the product quality management system according to GOST R ISO 9001-2001standard.

  • 15 years work. A leadership-oriented strategy brings its results: TATPROF construction system is the most demanded in the market of transparent enclosure structures with a 22% market share. Territory coverage is from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to Kaliningrad. The constant launch of new production facilities provides the orders fulfillment in the shortest possible time. An automated press complex P-1770 is commissioned in 2004 with a capacity of 12,000 tons per year.

  • “Efficiency Year”. Attention is focused on production chain optimization and distribution system. A key role is given to the regional dealers and representative offices. This helps to promote products in the regions and reduce order deadlines.

  • A year of record-breaking investment projects. Implementation of several development programs is started for a total amount of more than 600 million rubles. As well as the launch of own foundry production for aluminum ingots, an increase of production capacity by 2.5 times due to commissioning of three additional press units, upgrade of the existing equipment and business processes optimization.

  • Taking into consideration a difficult market situation, the company decides to achieve unprecedented leadership in the industry in terms of costs. Production capacities are doubled without involving significant labor and financial resources. The capacity of five press units is 5,000 tons per month. Due to upgrading of the painting line the total area has increased up to 160,000 square meters. The anodizing line capacity is doubled and production of anode-coated profiles is increased up to 200 tons per month. The lead time is shortened and quality remains high.

  • The crisis year. The construction industry is practically stopped and 80% of the company's products are intended specifically for the construction industry. The company enters another industry – extruded profile consumers and ends the year without losses.

  • The company continues to develop rapidly in new market segments. The share of industrial profile reaches 60% of total sales. Due to this, production and sales volumes exceeded the pre-crisis 2008 year by 25%.

  • The development year. Having successfully overcome a difficult development period, the company is expanding its production capacities. New foundry equipment is being commissioned that allowed a 2-times increase in the production of blanks for press units. A new press unit is installed. The aluminum profile production increases by 800-1,000 tons per month. A new painting line for aluminum profiles is installed with a capacity of 500,000 sq.m per month. The line operates in automatic mode starting from the profile preparation and finishing with its final drying. The operation is running within costs leadership strategy that allows the company to maintain competitive prices in the market.

  • The company summarizes the five-year strategic program results adopted in 2008 and approves the new program of "Strategic development of the company until 2020." Basic areas:

    • Company technical development program till 2020,
    • Product Development Program,
    • Program for the new positioning and promotion of TATPROF brand.
  • TATPROF company celebrates its 25th anniversary.